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The Prophet Speaks: Prophetess DeKebra Andrews

By on March 9, 2013

Matthew 9:17 Neither do men put new wine into old bottles:  else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish:  but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

Preachers, have you ever sat and said “Lord I know I am preaching your word.  I am teaching from my experiences, my pains, my disappointments, my revelations from you.  And yet the people do not change.”  Saints have you ever looked at yourself and realized you’re going to church every Sunday, mid-week service, and every extra service you can find and your walk with the Lord seems to be going backwards rather than forward?  Church what’s going on?

As God’s delegate authorities in the church we must demand change in the people.  We complain about the time we spend counseling and encouraging people and no change taking place but we are putting it in old vessels.  They are not fit to be poured into just yet.  Salvation is step number one.  If they cannot grasp what the meaning of salvation is, or realize that another person died for them.  Then hold up.  Wait on the dance ministry, wait for the choir, and wait for praise and worship!  You cannot be so anxious to fill a seat and the first step of change has not manifested.  Go back to when you first got saved and you really realized the love of God.  It provoked a change in you because you wanted to love back this God that had already shown you love.  You started to think different, you made different choices, and you wanted to be right!  Saints today don’t want to be RIGHT!  They want to be petted in their mess. Explained to a tee why things have to be a certain way.  Babies always have to be told why.

When my children were very small and could not talk and were learning to speak a lot of times they answered everything with WHY when you told them what to do.  And they always expected an answer.  Eventually they learned and their vocabulary grew, their understanding grew and they did not always have to be explained everything.  A lot of saints are still right there.  Been in church for years but no growth, still asking WHY.  And we hinder them because we engage in the dialogue and become exhausted and frustrated with the exchange.

Saints you want to know when you have experienced change and growth in your life?  Check your dialogue with your leadership, check your motives as to why you attend all of those services.  Is it because you believe the Word works or because people expect you to show up?  Have I entered my own personal relationship with God that I am convicted by my actions before my leader comes to rebuke me?  Think about your mindset when you first got saved and where you are now.  Is it different?  Or do you just have a mask on for people to think you have been renewed in the spirit of your mind?

I say all this to say we must make up our mind to change that when the wine comes we will have the capacity to hold it and allow it to growth in us and cause us to develop into the man or woman of God that God has called us to be.  We have to develop into pastors, prophets, teachers, evangelist and so on.  We are missing the process.  We want to go from prophetic word to manifestation and forget about the process of change, growth and development.

Pastors stop promoting people into positions that they have not grown into.  Many people lack the maturity to realize that what they do before the people does influence.  If you have a problem with rebellion in your church check whose ushering and who’s singing and who’s dancing. Like it or not they have just as much contact and influence as you do as the preacher.   If they genuinely want to be right they will understand and either change and grow or sit down until they know they are ready.

The scripture is clear that the wine will be spilled and the bottles perish.  We as spiritual authorities do a disservice to our members because we set them up for failure when we don’t put the demand on them to be changed so that they can hold on to what is being poured into them that they may allow that word to take hold in their life and cause growth and development.

If you want healthy growth in your body you must change how you are taking care of your body.  And change how your body takes care of itself when you are not around.  You must require holiness and righteousness from the people.  Require the people to be accountable for their actions.  They must hide the word of God in their own hearts.  It’s not enough for it to be in the hearts of the pastors and elders.  It must be in their personal hearts.

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