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The Prophet Speaks: Apostle Tawunya L Hicks

By on April 4, 2013


We can experience “UNCOMMON MIRACLES” if we allow God to have precedence over every part of our lives but I believe that God wants to take us further than we’ve ever been and that is to allow us to walk in total victory and to become an “UNCOMMON MIRACLE!”

3 JOHN 1:2, “BELOVED, I WISH ABOVE ALL THINGS (BEYOND ANYTHING YOU COULD THINK OR COMPREHEND, BEYOND WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH OR BECOME) THAT YOU MAYEST PROSPER AND BE IN HEALTH, EVEN AS THY SOUL PROSPERS.” God desires for every aspect of our life to prosper financially, physically/mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our thinking is not God’s thinking. How God sees us is the end product of where he wants us to go. He has already seen the finished product. When you look at the word prosper it literally means to flourish, to grow strong and healthy, to be or become successful! God’s heart is for us to become the total package so that we can be presented to the world as “UNCOMMON MIRACLES.” When we surrender ourselves for God to do whatever he desires, we become magnets for the kingdom of God.

Why call it the “UNCOMMON MIRACLE?” What makes us so “UNCOMMON” that we become a MIRACLE? When we define the word “UNCOMMON” it is described in Webster’s Dictionary as unusual, exceptional, remarkably great, out of the ordinary, outside or beyond the normal experience. A MIRACLE is described as an extraordinary and welcomed event attributed to a divine agency, remarkable and very welcomed occurrence, an outstanding example, specimen or achievement, or an object of wonder.

God wants to get us to the point where we allow the Holy Spirit to take us from glory to glory, elevating our Spirit man out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. There is a unique difference that separates those that continue to do and to speak in the level of the ordinary. God is shifting us by moving us out of the traditional set up. He is breaking down walls of hindrances and obstacles. God is literally leaving us no excuse to remain in the same positions and states of being. People should be able to see an exceptional, remarkably great, out of the ordinary, outstanding example of an object of wonder! We have the understanding that the world always mimics each other. Everyone is trying to be like someone else but as God present you to the world they should be scratching their heads in amazement at how God has brought you out! You should stand out! Your life should make a statement about who God truly is and what He can do! You should look uncommon! You should do extraordinary works!

In Acts 5:12-16 The word tells us that when the people came in contact with the apostles, they began to experience signs and wonders. God has to divinely connect you to the apostolic anointing to break the chains of darkness, pull our souls together and release impartations needed so that we can become UNCOMMON MIRACLES. There was no one that came into contact with an Apostle that was not healed or changed. No one left without a miracle. We must become spiritually fit so that we can be presented as an UNCOMMON MIRACLE to those that come in contact with us. No one should be able to leave our presence without experiencing a miracle! People need change, they need upgrade. We are the conduits that help bring that to pass. When people see what God has done in your life, they will be drawn to the Lord as well. Your true ministry is in your testimony. People love miracles, people love freedom and liberty. Signs, wonders and miracles will multiply what God is doing in the earth. II Corinthians 3:2 Ye are an epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men. We must expect our bodies to become UNCOMMON MIRACLES sicknesses being healed, demons casted out, represents UNCOMMON MIRACLES. When you receive true deliverance it is a remarkable and welcomed occurrence! The Word tells us that deliverance is the children’s bread. Generational and bloodline curses are broken, sickness is dried up and destroyed. There’s not one doctor that can present you as an UNCOMMON MIRACLE. No medicine, or specialist can present you as an UNCOMMON MIRACLE. Acts 5:16 informs us that everyone that came into the apostle’s presence received something. They came expecting to receive a miracle and left with a miracle. When God heals, delivers and sets you free you are now the role model to began to do and to teach as Jesus did! It is now time for the average, settled believer to shift and go to the next level. It is time for you to become an UNCOMMON MIRACLE!

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