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Prophetic Teaching: Prosperity (Part 3)

By on March 4, 2012

We Choose to Prosper

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV) “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

We do not realize that our speech connects us with the extent of our prosperity. It is not that we cannot prosper it is more that we have not spoken words of life to bring about this prosperity. What are words of life? It is speaking the
scriptures, continuing to speak God’s Word over our situations and His promises concerning our life. It seems so elementary to say that our words carry weight. We have heard it so many times that we haven’t taken the time to truly examine our word choice in any given situation or circumstance and in our everyday vernacular. We have not quite fully gasped that this is what influences whether we prosper or not and even how we prosper.

Our words dictate the state of our living and control the outcome of our situations; our words are directional. The power of the tongue is referring to how much control and how we manage the expressions that come from our manner and style of speaking. Those words that we utter and even what we articulate dictates the course of our prosperity. We have to begin to engage in specialized language. We cannot just say anything but monitor what we say instead of speaking how we feel or think in the moment. We will later reap what we have spoken so it is critical that we do “think before we speak”. Prospering deals with advancing, progressing, thriving, and flourishing. We want to achieve so much and advance and prosper in so many areas in our life but we have to remember that we produce some of those results based on our speech. We bring about the results and conclusions of a matter based on what we say because whatever we say, we cause to happen. God has this awesome power and He has also given a level of this to us. He spoke the world into existence, what it would be and it became that. Jesus demonstrated the power of His words by healing those who were sick and had diseases, performing miracles, and even commanding to live those who were already dead and they were brought back to life through life spoken in His words. He spoke words that caused things to happen; that changed the situation and circumstance of so many people’s lives. Jesus even cursed a fig tree speaking against it to live and caused it to wither and die. But He spoke to make these things happen. His words created a manifestation. Our words carry that same weight. Our words cause a manifestation in our life as well. When we speak, we are either speaking life, which is speaking words that are positive (optimism), hope, refreshing, enlightenment, liveliness, excitement, energy, and strength. Anything spoken outside of these words is considered death speaking. When we are speaking against the situation instead of for it we are speaking death to it. When we speak death, we are showing the exact opposite: speaking negativity, being pessimistic, speaking no strength but saying the situation is worthless and speaking against hope. Words are just that strong and carry that much influence. We have to watch and monitor what we say. Someone can continue to say that they can’t do something and eventually they won’t be able to do that thing. But another person can continue to rehearse that they can do something and then they eventually do it. That’s why people can sing our praises and applaud us causing us to feel good about ourselves or they can say unpleasant, detrimental, and harmful words that may lead us to a state of pain, hurt, offense, and feeling insecure and self-conscious. This shows that there is power in our words. Our words have the ability to cause something to happen, to ignite something in our situations whether it is going to prosper us or bring destruction to us. It is our decision. We alter our lives with our words.

We accept the consequences of our words whether we want to or not. A wise man by the name of Lincoln Nelson, my pastor, once said, “Two things you can’t take back; your words and your time.” One reason this is so is because what we say has to be revealed, demonstrated, and evident in time. Time becomes acquainted with what we say because they both work simultaneously to bring something about that we cannot retrieve. Our words become permanent. We gain whether it’s a good or bad, from what we say in a manner of time that cannot be hindered or reset. We have to deal with what we speak; therefore, we have to make sure that what we speak is something that we can later be glad in.

We can acknowledge what our situation is but we must speak positive and hopeful words to guide the outcome of it. We have to always speak the best of hope, good and uplifting words about our situations so that we can have that in the end. We change the direction of our words by focusing and meditating on the Word of God and speaking those words that are positive.

by: Minister Latasha Johnson

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  1. Kristinamercado

    March 8, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    “We cannot just say anything but monitor what we say instead of speaking how we feel or think in the moment.”

    TRUTH right there. Wow!

    And the quote from Pastor Lincoln about words and time…wow.

    I needed this.

  2. apostle leonard

    March 8, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Min Tasha, for real you are the bomb love the way you bring the word. It is so clear and plain and powerful.

  3. Laketa Mckinney

    March 20, 2012 at 5:58 am

    “Our words are directional,” Minister Johnson, I’m heading in the right way now because of your generous lesson. Thanks for sharing your wealth of financial wisdom.

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