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Prophetic Teaching: Prosperity (Part 2)

By on February 28, 2012

Our Attitude Affects Our Prosperity

1 Timothy 6:6 (KJV) “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

God wants to deal with the controversy in our minds as it relates to His ways. The ways of God are our path to prosperity, so it is imperative that we are aware of this and accept it. There is a redirection that must take place in our attitude because we are at times contrary to God’s ways and to His will. God presents His Word to us because He wants us to see what things are linked to our prosperity. In this case, He is addressing our attitude and devotion to Him. The scripture is merely making reference to our allegiance to God and how we devote ourselves to Him and His ways. This is talking about out motives and attitude concerning how we live an acceptable life to God.

We look for ways to thrive and flourish in our walk with God but sometimes it is simply in our approach and acceptance to God’s desires and commands. Unless we have godliness coupled with contentment, we will not have this great gain. This is a spiritual equation God gives us as the answer to our questions about how to prosper in Him. Godliness and contentment are aspects in the equations that could possibly fluctuate. We may not always be in the state of performing God’s ways and taking pleasure in doing so. God does not want us to be digressing in our satisfaction in Him. He wants the change to be that there is increase in godliness and increase in contentment in Him. The reason there is digression in godliness is because we start to lack this contentment, this satisfaction, this pleasure in God. Outside of everything else, we must have both godliness and contentment.

Contentment in this scripture is not referring to being satisfied in complacency. Contentment is dealing with a joy and pleasure about achieving and progressing in the ways of God. This is why there is great gain. The attitude dictates the flow of prosperity in our life. We progress and advance spiritually because our attitude and desire is to be successful in what God wants us to do and who He wants us to be.

We can be godly but not content with it. This means that we are mediocre about our spiritual lifestyle. We are uninspired by God’s way so we do not push or encourage ourselves to do more or excel better. We do nothing more to refine ourselves. We are tolerable of God’s ways but do not make more attempts to advance further in our attitude about this life we live unto God. But when there is contentment about our devotion to God, we enjoy being godly. Many people are devoted to do a lot of things but not necessarily enjoy it or take it upon themselves to find pleasure and enthusiasm about it. Someone can have a job and be devoted to it but not necessarily enjoy it. They can come to work on time and perform within their job description but not look for ways to advance where they are. Their attitude could simply be that they are there for a pay check and/or for the benefits offered. But when there is true enjoyment about the job, not only is the devotion present but there is enthusiasm, energy, ambition, drive, passion, and eagerness. There is demonstration through attitude, work ethics, and how efficient and dedicated things are done. This increases the likelihood for promotions, rankings, and salary increase in the company and for proposals and requests that may have to be granted. It increases favor on the job with superiors and causes acquiring of some other things. This is the same way with God. When we display the enjoyment and pleasant attitude about fulfilling His commands and requests, He causes such promotions in different areas for us.

Great gain means that we profit continuously in so many facets in life; we continue to grow and advance in God and His kingdom; we become more groomed in other areas. We begin to take note of 2 Corinthians 1:20 and see God responding to His agreement with us concerning His promises. It will be like a domino effect. As we continue to have this godliness with contentment, the great gain will be like a domino effect. There will be a flow of promises and blessings. This is
our prosperity.

This great gain is met when we strive to be the way that God wants us to be. Our attitude about it dictates the way we conform to godliness. No Olympic athlete says they want to win the gold medals without striving and doing it what it takes to get it. They also understand the rules and boundaries concerning participating in such event and adjust themselves accordingly. The issue is we have not clearly understood what this great gain is that we will have as a result of the attitude about our godliness. But God reveals so much of it in the Word about how He wants to bless us and the promises He makes to us as a result of conforming to His ways. These promises are links of our prosperity. We do not often see it that way because we are too focused on having to do things God’s way instead of looking at how close we can be to Him. This closeness allows us access to what He has and even what He wants to give us. God’s ways are the way in which He directs us.

Again, this scripture is making reference to a redirection, another way of looking at our lifestyle in God. We must put God as the one who we are aiming to please because with this is the heart and desire to please God. This will turn in to the acts of pleasing, performing, and displaying those things that pleases God because we have begun to comply with His ways and those things that He loves. This will take us to the place of being in His Will and He makes promises about such things as well as far as what He wants to do and give as a result of this

by: Minister Latasha Johnson

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  1. Laketa Mckinney

    March 2, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Min. Tasha, this is some awesome teaching right here. I am changing my perspective about my lifestyle in God, as you instructed and I can see the richness of my life much better now. Thank you!

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