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Being Remade: Becoming the Vessel God Purposed and Designed

By on March 17, 2015

Jeremiah 18:4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.

Throughout the course of our lives, especially lives lived unto the Lord, there will be times in which we will need to be rebuilt, remade, renewed.

We came into this life one way; David talks about over in Psalms 51 about us having been shapen in iniquity. We come into this world full of our own ideals and thoughts, morals and ways of doing things and how we think things ought to be done. We have our own ideas of what we want to do with our lives and who we want to be. We are marred and we come to God marred. Upon our original reception of Christ, God receives us in our marred state.

One of the prerequisites of being remade is that we are broken. Our first broken state is initialized upon salvation. We begin to see ourselves as God did; in need of a Savior. That can make one feel quite broken. So God remakes us and renews our mindset and lets us know that we are one of His own. Those old methods of self-soothing we used to turn to and had in place to appease the broken state that we were in we can no longer rely on; we must rely on the Father. We go through a time of being broken from old habits, mindsets and former ways of life and learn this new way of depending on and relying on God and the Word of God.

There is another form of brokenness that is realized the longer we walk with God and the more of our life we allow Him into. This type of brokenness comes in many forms; broken heart, broken spirit, broken life. The life experiences we have lived through caused varying degrees of brokenness. Some of us have been broken and re-broken over and over. We become so accustomed to the broken and damaged state of our lives that we aren’t used to anything else and we don’t know how to let someone in to help. We just have to learn to give God access to those areas of our lives. When He brings up an area of life that we have experienced hurt in, don’t shut Him out or push Him away; let Him in so that those places can begin to be repaired. God is ABLE to gather the fragments of a broken heart and life from all the people, places, times and events that have caused it and make it new; so new in fact, it is as if it had always been intact.

But the most rewarding, most meaningful and oftentimes most painful breaking of all comes into play as we are remade into the vessel God designed us to be. Yes, we were originally made by God but imagine if you will that our original fashioning is like that of a factory on an assembly line; cranking out several clay pots that are not easily distinguishable other than by their flaws. But being remade by the Potter is a one-on-one, individualized, painstaking process in which God creates masterpieces. You and I are those masterpieces and it takes time to create something that is one-of-a-kind. God breaks us but it is not to a point that we are irreparable. We are broken in order to be transformed to a state of being pliable in His hands. He takes the broken shards of our lives and begins to re-soften us. The water of the Word of God softens us in the hands of our Lord as He refashions us into who He designed us to be. We start out hard and sticky; even gummy but the more Word we get, the more pliable we become.

Being pliable in the hands of God is a vital step in the process of being remade. It is during this time that we are shaped through all the squeezing, and pulling, and squishing, and pressure He applies to us to form us into His idea of what we are purposed to be used for; to His ultimate design for us. It is here that we get the understanding of what type of vessel we will be. We have to allow God to make us into what He needs us to be; we don’t get to tell Him what we want to be. All the pressure of the remaking process can make you want to jump down off of His wheel and just stay unformed, soft and mushy. Staying on the wheel is such an important part of being remade. Getting off prematurely causes us to be too vulnerable and easily damaged in the wrong hands. We could begin to take on another shape or form other than what God had intended and become rigid again, never fully being formed into that which God has purposed us to be. This would start the remaking process over again from the point of being broken which delays our completion date.

After we are formed and we are remade into what God purposed us for, we are put into the fire. The fire seals the work that God has done in refashioning us. All of the hot and firey situations and circumstances of our lives are indicators that we are in the fire being purified, and sealed. But we are also becoming solidified in our new identity, our purpose. If you adopt the correct mindset about the purpose of the fire, you will begin to understand why you are there and the benefits of the fire in your life. Prior to getting put in to the fire you had already taken form but the fire assures that you will remain that way. Our greatest revelations of our Father come from those times He reveals Himself to us during the firey times in our lives. We gain more knowledge of God there. We understand more about who we are and what our purpose is in the fire. We get a deeper revelation of whose we are. The process of the fire gets us to the place of being not easily broken; it is here that we are fortified and truly made. Attempts to jump out of the fire could cause us to be broken all over again. You will not have been completely solidified and not reached the point of being ready to be taken out by the Creator because there is a vast difference between jumping out of the fire and being taken out by God. This will cause the breaking to be remade process completely back over, thus prolonging our completion date.

Upon being removed from the fire, we are painted and glazed. Each time we make it to another part of the process in God’s timing our value increases and we complete more of the steps toward becoming who God has purposed us to be. Though we are returned to the fire from this point it is only to beautify us and put us in the place of being distinguishable and highly valued. Once removed from the fire again, we are put on display for all to see. We are a testimony to the factory pots, those that have just been broken to be remade, those that are on the wheel and even those in the fire for the first time. We can be seen being used by our Creator and in those situations, when we are put to use for what we were created and remade for, we excel. We are proof that the remaking process is worth it in the end.

I want to encourage you to allow yourself to go through all of the processes of being remade. It may be painful and hot and quite uncomfortable, but it will be worth all of what you had to go through when you are on display as the masterpiece God designed you to be.

By: Pastor Kiari Dudley

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